Mohammed Ramadan shows his car and does not feel poor? – picture


Muhammad Ramadan published a new photo of him in front of one of his luxury cars that he recently bought, which is priced at $ 120,000, and he was attacked because of it, because he thinks that some people do not care about the feelings of the poor and continue to publish his properties that exceed millions of dollars.

It is not the first time that they attack Muhammad and get accustomed to their false accusations, and because he trusts himself and knows him well that he is one of the most humble and closest artists, and he may help many poor and needy without announcing and bragging about what he does.

The successful Egyptian star in all fields did not steal his money from anyone. Rather, he worked hard, struggled, and tired a lot in the beginning to obtain his golden opportunity through which he proved his qualifications and capabilities.

What Muhammad takes from the producers is not worth a quarter of the revenues his business generates, and he is entitled to spend his money as he pleases.

Muhammad Ramadan and his new car


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