Mona Farouk on the sick bed .. Transferring the artist to the hospital in a critical condition


Books: Diaa El Sakka

Actress Mona Farouk was subjected to severe health problems, and was transferred to a hospital for treatment.

And the artist posted on her account on Instagram a picture of her on the bed of a hospital under artificial respiration, and commented, saying: “Say that only God will write to us..God will do whatever you want … Make me heal … God keeps all harm and enough evil is enough for you.”

Mona Farouk entered into a major crisis during the last period, after she got involved in the issue of porn videos circulating with her with a famous director, before she was released.

It is mentioned that the latest work of the young artist was her participation in the series “Raheem”, written by Mohamed Ismail Amin and directed by Mohamed Salama, and starring Yasser Jalal and Nour Lebanese, Rogina, Sabry Fawaz, Randa Al-Behairi, Dina, Muhammad Riyad, Tariq Abdul Aziz and Riyadh Al-Khouli, and written by Muhammad Ismail Amin and directed by Mohammed Salama.

And Farouk is among the emerging young talents produced by the series “The Godfather”, and this experience is the second in terms of standing in front of the star Yasser Jalal, where she participated in the last year in the series “Shadow of the President”, which achieved great public success.


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