Mood disorder a warning sign of the “sun vitamin” deficiency


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Mood disorder is a warning sign of a risk of deficiency

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Vitamin D is essential for a range of physical functions, as the body needs it to help it regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate inside it, in addition to maintaining healthy bones, teeth, and muscles.

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It is known that vitamin D is the only vitamin that the body can manufacture and the skin can produce it from cholesterol under the influence of sunlight, provided it is exposed for 20 minutes a day, otherwise symptoms of vitamin D deficiency will occur.

As the weather changes and the daylight hours are shorter in the winter months, many do not get enough vitamin D from the sun, and this is the time when the mood will change.

And if a person suffers from a depressed mood, this may be a warning sign of vitamin D deficiency, the lack of which sometimes leads to bone abnormalities such as rickets or osteoporosis in adults, so knowing the early signs of vitamin D deficiency is ) Very important.

One study revealed that vitamin D deficiency is associated with depression, especially in older adults, which requires taking nutritional supplements to avoid the risk of lacking this vitamin.

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