Most notably the feeling of heartburn … warning symptoms of stomach cancer … and hidden causes of the injury


Most notably the feeling of heartburn … warning symptoms of stomach cancer Be careful to her
7 hidden reasons behind stomach pain, including “stomach cancer”
Most notably smoking … factors that increase the risk of stomach cancer
Stomach cancer is one of the most common types of cancer, but in contrast, many of us ignore these symptoms and discover that they are diagnosed very late, so it is difficult to get rid of them.

Warning symptoms of stomach cancer

According to, the Indian there are a group of symptoms that appear on the body to warn us of stomach cancer, most notably loss of appetite, sudden weight, feeling of constant burning in the stomach and bloating even with eating light foods that are not supposed to cause a feeling of fullness.

Symptoms of the disease rarely appear during the early stage of the injury, making it difficult to detect stomach cancer early, according to the American Cancer Society website. As for the most important early signs and symptoms of stomach cancer,

Shocking causes of stomach cancer

According to the HealthLine website, although the exact cause of stomach cancer has not been reached, there are a number of risk factors associated with a serious health condition, including smoking, over the age of 55, a non-fiber diet, increased consumption of processed foods or red meat, as well as a diet. A food that contains many salty and pickled foods, or an infection in the stomach caused by Helicobacter pylori bacteria. The risk of stomach cancer is higher if a person suffers from a lack of acid in the stomach, or if surgery is performed in the stomach. There is some research that Obesity is linked to Disease, although the results are inconclusive, according to researchers.

Warning symptoms of stomach cancer pay attention to it

The symptoms of stomach cancer are many and many, as they begin to make fatigue and then feel bloated after eating, feeling full after eating small amounts of food,

Cancer begins when an error occurs in the cell’s DNA, which causes this mutation to rapidly grow and divide the cell, where accumulated cancer cells form a tumor that can invade nearby structures, and cancer cells can separate from the tumor to spread throughout the body.

Factors that increase the risk of infection

According to the Mayo Clinic website, factors that increase the risk of stomach cancer in the body of the stomach include:

Eat a diet rich in salty and smoked foods
Eat a diet low in fruits and vegetables
A family history of stomach cancer
Long-term gastritis
Pernicious anemia
– Benign tumors in the stomach


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