Mostafa El-Feky: The policy of dictating terms on Egypt is not acceptable


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Dr. Mustafa El-Feky, the political thinker and head of the Library of Alexandria, said that the presence of the World Bank as a party in the negotiations on the Ethiopian “Renaissance Dam” is very important, noting that expanding the cycle of negotiations on the “Renaissance Dam” is necessary in the coming period.

Al-Fiqi added, during his meeting with the program “Happening in Egypt”, presented by Sharif Amer, and broadcast on MBC Egypt on Wednesday, that if our Arab brothers stand next to us in the crisis of the Renaissance Dam, we will never be treated in this way.

The political thinker, head of the Library of Alexandria, explained that the policy of dictating Egypt is unacceptable, stressing that Egypt is a strong country led by a president who is wise in dealing with all files.

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