Mourinho: Salah and Mani now know who Tanga is


Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho said that the duo of Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane, the Liverpool players, now know who the Spurs defender, Javit Tanjanga, said while the player said he was not afraid to face the best duo in Africa.

“He (Javit Tanjanga) has played and has proven to be worth the team,” Mourinho said in his remarks reported by the BBC.

Javit Tanjanga played his first match with Tottenham shirt against Liverpool in the match that ended with the league leaders winning 1-0.

The Portuguese coach continued: “I think that Mani and Salah now know who Javit Tanjanga is, but before the match they had no knowledge of him, I think they know him now, the child was great.”

While the same player talked about confronting Salah and Mani, saying: “Before the match, the colleagues were encouraging me … They told me, Sun is a great player, and you face him every day in training, as well as Harry Kane and Lucas Mora, so you should treat them (Salah and Mani) as your dealings In the exercises. ”

He continued: “Obviously, at a personal level, it was a little different, but they remain among the best players, and I train with them every day, so I convinced myself that I was able to.”

On his impression of Salah and Mani after last Saturday’s confrontation: “The duo may be among the best in the world, Mane is the best African player, a great player, and Salah a great player as well.”


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