Mourtada: I identified two conditions for running the super in Qatar .. and revealed 12 conspirators


Mortada Mansour, Chairman of Zamalek’s Board of Directors, stated that he had set two conditions for traveling to Qatar and running in the African Super Cup, saying he had exposed 12 conspirators against the club.

Murtada Mansour said in his statements to the official Al-Zamalek channel: “The Qatari federation has issued an invitation against me, and he accused me of racism because of my statements about Qatar and its government.”

He continued: “I set two conditions for travel to Qatar, the first is that approval be given by the Egyptian state and the sovereign authorities, and the second is that Ahmed Ahmed and the African Union persuade the president of the Qatari federation and the Qatari state to write an official pledge to preserve the players’ safety.”

He added: “I would like to say to the fans of Zamalek that we want to play the Super Cup and win the championship, but we must obtain full pledges in order to protect the team and its safety.”

He continued: “If the two requirements are not met, the African Super Cup match will be moved to another location.”

He concluded, “I have 12 names of people who conspire against the Zamalek club. All documents, records and what happened were sent to the Public Prosecutor for investigation.”

The African Super Cup match will be held in Qatar next February 14, between Zamalek, the Confederation champion, and Esperance Tunisian, the African Champions League champion.


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