Muhammad Adel Imam to the world!


For the first time, the new Mohamed Adel Imam (The Thief of Baghdad) movie will be shown in the United States of America in conjunction with its premiere in Egypt and a number of Arab countries on the 22 of this month.

Mohamed is the first Egyptian actor to start his movie in Egypt and America at the same time. It is expected to be shown in more than one state, and critics believe that he will achieve great success after leading the Ramadan season in his series (Hogan) and he has the highest viewing percentage.

(Thief of Baghdad) belongs to the action category produced by Tamer Morsi, who is betting Muhammad to achieve high returns, because the Egyptians love him and follow him, and he enjoys enough charisma and good acting capabilities.

Ibn al-Zaeem has never leaned on his father’s crutch. Rather, he struggled to succeed and worked hard and learned to become a star with his abilities, not with support. His name is his father, who without a doubt today is very proud of him.


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