Muhammad Ramadan: The treasure of my daughter, who looks like someone did not speak to her while she was still sleeping


Co-star Mohamed Ramadan His fans and followers presented a new image to his daughter, Kanz, who is more than two years old, as Ramadan posted a picture of a treasure while she was at the dining table, and commented on her saying, “My daughter’s treasure is coming out like no one is talking to her and she is still awake from sleep.”

Muhammad Ramadan's treasure
Muhammad Ramadan’s treasure

The star, Mohamed Ramadan, has expressed his happiness to revive the opening ceremony of the Egyptian Super match scheduled for next February 20 in the Emirates, which brings Al-Ahly as the league champion of the past version and Zamalek, the Egyptian Cup champion. God willing, our date will be on February 20 in Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium, the opening ceremony of the Egyptian Super Cup … Al-Ahly and Zamalek … its confidence in God is stronger. “

Mohamed Fadl, a member of the five-year committee in the Football Association, revealed that it was decided to spend 500 thousand dirhams for the first-place holder in the local super championship and 300 thousand dirhams for the second-place owner during the tournament that will be held in the UAE next February 20 between Al-Ahly and Zamalek.


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