“My brother Benam is a sedative.” … the brother of the victim’s husband, the Minya doctor bus


12:06 am

Friday 17 January 2020

Minya – Mohamed Al-Nadi:

Michel Gerges Yaqoub said that his brother “Raymond”, the husband of Dr. Samah Nabil, is one of the victims of the Doctors of Menia bus accident, which witnessed the eastern desert road in front of the creams entrance in the Giza governorate, last Wednesday, that his brother was going through a poor psychological state that made him take sedative tablets in order to Sleep.

“Masrawy” is in contact with the doctor’s husband, but his brother, Michel, confirmed that there is a great difficulty in talking to him because of the psychological suffering he is experiencing, which affected him negatively, saying “my brother Benam is sedating.”

Michel said that on the day of the accident, his brother took his wife to the bus to take them to training in Cairo Governorate, and that was at four in the morning, and after several hours, his brother received a phone call from one of her bus colleagues telling him that his wife was injured and inside the May 15 Hospital.

And Michel added, “As soon as my brother received the news, he immediately told me to go to the hospital because of my stay in Cairo, and upon my arrival at the hospital I learned of the death of my brother’s wife, and I could not tell him the truth, and I asked my father to tell him of the death.”

And “Michel” pointed out that his brother’s relationship with his wife started since her enrollment in the Medical College, as he is one year older than her, and he is a graduate of the College of Dentistry, and in the concession he proposed to her engagement, and the wedding day was the middle of last October.

The “brother of the husband” confirmed that Dr. Samah repeatedly tried with officials to apologize for the presence of him, for several reasons, including the lack of a safe means of transportation, and the presence of Shaborah on the roads; .

“We will not have the right to give birth to us.” With this sentence, Michel Gerges Yaqoub affirmed that he will take all legal methods to restore the right of his brother’s wife and all other victims.

It is noteworthy that the eastern desert road witnessed, on Wednesday morning, two cars collided, killing two doctors and a driver, and wounding 12 others, all of whom are from Minya governorate, and the two bodies and the injured were taken to Nasser Institute Hospital for treatment.

An official at the Minya Health Directorate said, in statements to him, that the deceased and the injured were on their way to attend a training course at the National Training Institute of the Ministry of Health, and their car collided with another, and the accident resulted in major damage to the car and the death of two female doctors and the driver, confirming that the Minister of Health, Dr. Hala Zayed, ordered Transferring the injured to the Nasser Institute Hospital, and the deceased to the Zeinhom morgue, and the necessary minutes were released and the Public Prosecution Office was informed of the investigation.

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