My information video .. Diet 20/20 will help you to eat the mind in yourself


Maybe this is the first time you’ve heard of a diet 80/20It is one of the diets that depend on eating healthy proportions without feeling deprived or restricted by eating any food, according to the website “womensday”In this informational video, we learn about the diet 80/20 And its benefits for your health..

What is the 80/20 diet?

Diet based on healthy proportions.

Healthy food by 80 %, And the 20% The other is any food you desire.

Or, you can eat healthy food during the week and the weekend Free.

Is there a plan to diet 20/20?

There are no rules or plans for what you eat during the partHealthy“.

Eat all nutrients.

Healthy and limited fats such as: nuts, seeds and healthy oils.

Grains are whole grains like quinoa .

Benefits of the diet 80/20

It allows you to eat whatever you want without restrictions or deprivation.

Eating healthy food has many benefits:

Lower cholesterol in the blood.

Weight loss.

Mood improvement.

Increased energy levels.

Bone strengthening.

Negatives of the diet 80/20

Classifying food to good and bad makes you feel guilty about food.


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