“My Life’s Dream” will be released next month in cinemas


The movie is about to star “My Life’s Dream” ends with the end of filming his scenes, which is co-starred by Hassan Al-Raddad and Amina Khalil And Aisha bin Ahmed, where a few days remain, after which he enters the editing and mixing stages in preparation for his launch during the month of February until he joins the mid-year season, after they filmed many of the first scenes in Paris and then in October and also in one of the studios and streets.

“My Life’s Dream” is a story revolving in a romantic comic frame, and the role is played by the artist Hassan Al-Raddad, while the female lead star is Aisha Bin Ahmed, Amina Khalil and a number of other artists, written by Amani Al-Tounsi and directed by Othman Abu Laban.

301097-Hassan-Al-Raddad-and Amina-Khalil


Hassan Al-Raddad and Aisha bin Ahmed

Hassan al-Raddad’s latest films were “The Knot of Khawaja”, which was screened during the Sham Al Naseem season of 2018 and co-starred here were Zahed, Majid Al Masry, Bayoumi Fouad, Hassan Hosni, Muhammad Lotfy and Samia Al Trablusi, written by Hisham Majed and Sheku, by producer Ahmed Al Sobky, directed by Peter Mimi, which was directed by The film is about a poor and ambitious young man, who has a love story with the daughter of an influential businessman and a lot of money.

Last month, Hassan Al-Raddad went through the experience of standing on stage through the play “Locanda Al-Obash”, which was shown in the Riyadh season on December 4, and was co-starred by Majed Al-Masry, Maya Diab, Hamdi Al-Marghani, Hala Fakher, Badria Tula, Saad Al-Sagheer, and Eng. Ali , Aous and Aous, and Hassan Abdel Fattah, authored by Mohamed Ezz, and directed by Ashraf Zaki.

In the season, films “Filos” will be screened by Tamer Hosni, Zina, Muhammad Salam, and directed by Saeed Al Marouk, and “Day and Night” starring Khaled Al Nabawi, Ahmed Al Fishawi, Hanan Mutawa and Dora, and “Secondary Girls” starring Jamila Awad, Muhammad Al Sharnoubi, Mai Al Ghaiti, Hanadi Muhanna, Mayan Al Sayed, Hoda Al Mufti and Mohammed Mahran and “Brain of Satan” starring Rania Youssef and Basem Samra and Amr Abed, and “Summoning Waly Amr” starring Houria Farghaly and Mohamed Ezz.


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