Nabil Al-Halfawi: These are the five-year reasons for Al-Ahly


10:15 PM

Wednesday 15 January 2020

Books – Bahaa Hegazy:

The artist Nabil El-Halfawi, through his personal account on the “Twitter” website, posted a tweet commenting on Al-Ahly’s victory over Tanta with five-point clean.

Al-Halafawi wrote: “The match was difficult to block defensive Tanta even after the first goal, and after the second they opened somewhat and they received the third, and the collapse that led to the fourth and fifth occurred.”

Al-Halafawi continued: “The most important gains: the baptism of official electrification (he scored 3 goals at the time he played … including the goal of touching the hand of Ajay was canceled) and establishing confidence in Marwan. And confirming the importance of the Sheikh.”

Al-Ahly defeated Tanta by five, scored by Al-Ahly Hussein Al-Shahat, Kahraba, Marwan Mohsen (two goals) and Ahmed Al-Sheikh.

Halfawi 2


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