Nadia Rafik .. Farewell, kind-hearted mother


She left the artist Nadia Rafeeq Our world in the early hours of Friday morning, at the age of 84, leaving a large archive of films and television and radio works for which she won the title of the artist, “The Kind Mother” during her artistic career, and in the following report we reveal 6 secrets in the life of the late artist:

1- Nadia Rafeeq entered the world of art in 1934 and was eight years old, on radio, as she was in love with singing and dancing.

2- She was registered on the radio as an author at the age of fourteen, and she wrote a number of nightlife and radio series, the last of which was starring Kamal El-Shennawy and Leila Taher.

3- The director of the TV, Mohamed Mahmoud Shaaban, known as “Baba Sharo”, asked her to join the TV in return for 4 times the pay on the radio, but she refused, fearing the embodiment of scenes of kisses and the objections of her people.

4- She was famous for the role of the mother until she represented the mother figure of artists of the same age and even older than them, including Mohsen Sarhan in the radio series “Samara”, and described herself as a mother to all the actors in Egypt.

5- The director offered her Badrakhan to participate in the movie “People of the Summit”, but she refused at first, but Badrakhan succeeded in convincing her to record the work, her first cinematic participation.

6- In the scenes of “The People of the Summit”, the first meeting was with the star, Souad Hosni, who was well received by her arms, and Cinderella asked her about the reason for her refusal to participate in the work at the beginning, saying: “Someone said you need something from me,” Nadia Rafik replied, “On the contrary, I am honored to appear before you.” “.


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