Nadine Najim and the baptism of her son: (I was a miracle)! – Pictures


Nadine Nassib Njeim published several old pictures of her with her son after his birth from the church during his baptism in water, the so-called (baptism), which is one of the important rituals that Christians adopt when they have children, to become followers of Jesus Christ and the Church, and baptism represents the death of Jesus Christ and his resurrection in The new life And the child is rid of the sin of Adam and Air and their disobedience to God’s commands when Adam ate the apple that he had forbidden.

I wrote: (I and uncle searched for purposes. I found pictures of the Deanship of my son from 5 years old, he was a month old, and he was a miracle, and here she was a year old and 5 months, her cheeks will be well, I also wanted to kill the name of God, may God protect them It was miracle of Hamdallah).

Nadine is very attached to her two sons and did not abandon them after her divorce from her husband who turned into a friend and they still respect each other after the separation.

She is preparing to film a new series that brings her together with the Syrian star Qusai Khouli again in Ramadan, after the success of their duet last Ramadan through the series (Five and Text).

Nadine Najim and her son
Nadine Najim at the baptism of her son
Nadine Njeim 5 years ago


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