Naguib Sawiris slapped the defense minister of Turkey … a new deal in Al-Ahly … the trouble of Nancy Ajram’s husband


Echo News has published a number of important news over the past hours, which we will review during the following report:How big is his strength … An earthquake strikes Giza and October
Dr. Gad Al-Qadi, head of the National Institute of Astronomical Research, said that the institute monitored today an earthquake with a magnitude of less than 2 on the Richter scale, as the National Seismological Network recorded an earthquake between the Fayoum road and Dahshur felt by those in Giza and October. read more “.

The Director of Sudanese Intelligence submits his resignation … and the President of the Sovereign Council is under consideration

The head of the Transitional Sovereignty Council in Sudan, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, announced that the Director of the General Intelligence Service, Lieutenant General Abu Bakr Demblab, submitted his resignation, against the background of the events in Khartoum and some states, yesterday, and that they are under consideration. read more “.

Ahmed Shouber officially announces the transmission of Alio Baji to Al Ahly

The media, Ahmed Schubert, announced that Al-Ahly succeeded in resolving the annexation of Senegalese Alliot Bage during the current winter transfers. read more “.

A jewel sparking controversy with a new video

The exhibition artist Jawhara sparked a wide controversy after she published a new video of her dancing the melodies of the song “Salmonella” by singer Tamim Younis. read more “.

Significant decline in most banks .. The price of the dollar on Wednesday, the end of trading

The exchange rates of the dollar fell against the pound today, Wednesday, January 15, 2020, by the close of trading, and the green paper witnessed a decline in 13 operating banks in Egypt, as well as the central bank, according to the latest report issued by the bank through its official website. read more “.

A new country is ready to send troops to Libya

The Italian government has expressed its willingness to send soldiers to Libyan territory, to monitor the ceasefire, if security conditions exist. read more “.

The Attorney General: Forming a new investigation team into the murder case of Italian student Regeni

The Attorney General, Counselor Hamada El-Sawy and the Egyptian investigation team in the case of the death of the Italian citizen “Giulio Regeni” met with a number of Italian investigators; read more “.

Naguib Sawiris ignites the social media after his response to the Turkish Minister of Defense

Entrepreneur Naguib Sawiris posted a tweet through his personal account on the social networking site “Twitter” read more “.

Weather warns of Thursday weather

Dr. Iman Shaker, Undersecretary of the Center for Remote Sensing at the Meteorological Authority, said that the current weather is witnessing a rise in temperatures by a degree more than the average by 3: 4 degrees Celsius. read more “.

A dangerous development .. The Lebanese judiciary charges the murder of Nancy Ajram’s husband

Lebanese reports said today, Wednesday, that the Lebanese judiciary charged Fadi Al-Hashem, the husband of actress Nancy Ajram, with “intentional killing”, after he shot a Syrian person in their house two weeks ago. read more “.

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