Names and cases of women who were injured in the accident, “Doctors of Menia”


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The Ministry of Health announced that a “microbus” car accident occurred near the city of May 15, while a number of female doctors were going to be assigned to 2017 for training in the Women’s Health Initiative Program at the Training Institute in Cairo.

The ministry’s statement stated that the injured were transferred to the Nasser Institute to receive full medical care, and that Minister Hala Zayed was directed to provide full health care to the injured doctors in hospitals and to provide all medical supplies and blood bags for the injured.

The medical reports of those injured in the accident, “Doctors of Menia”, revealed the diversity of their injuries as follows:

Noura Kamal Abdel-Latif, 27 years old, bleeding under the dura mater, broken pelvis and left thigh.

Nourah Nabil Hamdan, 26 years old, weakened fracture of the left leg and fractured of the right leg.

Eman Atef Shafiq, 26, broke with the vertebrae.

Ruth Reverend Isaiah, 26 years old, weakened fracture of the left thigh bone, uterine explosion and a dead fetus, dislocation of the right thigh joint, dislocation of the jaw joint.

Omnia Rifaat Ali, 22 years old, cracked in the pelvis, with a cut wound on the chin.

Aya Rifaat Ali, 26, cracked with the tenth thoracic vertebrae of the spine, bruises on the face and nose, nosebleeds, bruises on the chest.

Jihad Muhammad Yusef, 26 years old, bruised with a leg.

Fatima Mansour Mohammed, 26, with a shoulder and left rib bruise.

Salma Hassouna Hassan, 26, bruised on the right shoulder.

Zain Saleh, 21, sustained a head injury and post-concussion suspicion.

Kamal Gerges, 46, broke the right ribs, broke his right collar bone.

Ahmed Sayed Mar’i, 59 years old, separate bruises on the body.


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