Nancy Ajram launches her new song “My Heart, My Heart” (Video) – Erm News


Nancy Ajram launches her new song

Source: Reham Aladdin – Erm News

The Lebanese artist posed Nancy AjramHer new song, “My Heart, My Heart,” despite the fact that the crisis of the Syrian dead man at the hands of her husband Fadi Al-Hashem, continues to ignite the communication sites and cause controversy.

Nancy promoted the video clip through her account on “Instagram”, and wrote, “Be the first to listen to the new song.”

Nancy did not escape the sympathetic attack of the victim of the Syrian young man, Mohammed Al-Mousa, and some expressed his surprise, as one of them said: “It is reasonable for you to sing and dance after what you did in your house. Where is your conscience? Where is your conscience? Her song and they expressed their longing for her.

It is noteworthy that Nancy Ajram continues to participate in the activities of The Voice Kids program, as she prepares to appear in the program immediately after the end of the sound stage, which has already been recorded.

The case of the murder of the Syrian youth, Muhammad Musa by Nancy’s husband, caused widespread controversy, and the incident became worse after Judge Ghada Aoun allegedly charged Nancy’s husband with the crime of intentionally killing Muhammad Musa, according to Article 547 of the Lebanese Penal Code, condoned by Article 229.

Earlier, the wife of the Syrian youth, Mohammed Al-Mousa, during her meeting with the media program, Tony Khalifa, said that “there is a secret in the killing of her husband, completely rejecting his description of the thief, especially that he is a religious person and always prays and fasts, as she said,” demanding that the full truth be revealed.

In the most recent update of the case, the Mount Lebanon Court announced the completion date of the case of the murder of the well-known dentist Fadi Al-Hashem, the husband of actress Nancy Ajram of the Syrian murderer, Mohammed Hassan Al-Mousa, and the court said that the next session will be in next March.


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