Nancy Ajram’s business manager explains the fact that she is forensic referral


Gigi Lamara, director of the Lebanese actress Nancy Ajram’s response, to the news that was published recently about the crisis of her dead home, and her referral to forensic medicine, confirming that it is pure rumors.He said during his meeting on the MBC Trending program, which is broadcast on MBC 4 satellite channel: “Nancy and her family are doing a thousand good things and everything they publish about her is unbelievable.

He added: “When there is a rumor, everyone means to speak about his taste, and no one believes that, and there is an investigation that is raised, but it ends, otherwise I want to tell.”

A judicial source had said, in statements to the Lebanese satellite channel MTV: that all the surveillance cameras were delivered to the agencies concerned with the investigation, and the results revealed that all the videos that were published were true, unambiguous and tampered with.

Regarding the murder of the thief outside the home, he said: “The cameras are clear and confirm that the thief was killed inside the house and not outside it, as is rumored, and everything is fixed and photographed.”


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