Nancy Pelosi: Facebook misleads people and only cares for money .. video


Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi criticized Facebook, stating that “the company is concerned with making money, not the truth.” The House Speaker also accused Facebook of misleading the American people and the administration of President Donald Trump through anti-trust work, and Pelosi said, During her weekly press conference, Facebook was greatly offending the huge opportunity presented by technology.

According to the Indian gadgetsnow website, Pelosi said: “What I think about is that all they want is tax deductions and not any anti-monopoly measure against them, and that they are entering this administration in this regard because this is what they have received so far,” while this comment came from Pelosi when asked. Whether Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg have much power.

Currently, many US lawmakers, including Senator Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren, are looking to dismantle Facebook, as Warren successfully ran a fake ad on a social media platform that allegedly “Marc Zuckerberg and Facebook supported Donald Trump for his re-election,” according to For Pelosi, Facebook intends to be a partner in misleading the American people “with money whose source is unknown” and stressed that “they did not even examine Russias money in the last elections, they never thought about it, they were irresponsible” and continued, “I think their behavior is shameful.” “.

For his part, Facebook did not comment on Pelosi’s statements, which were completed, saying, “The Facebook business model is the harvest of making money. They do not care to influence children, they do not care to influence the truth.”

It is reported that last December, Facebook admitted to the US Senate that it was tracking the location of its users even when they stopped the site’s settings, and in a letter addressed to Senator Christopher A. Koons and Josh Hawley, Facebook Privacy Vice President Rob Sherman detailed the feature that tracks a user’s location even when a user has suspended tracking services from their account.


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