Napoli knock down Juventus and prevents him from turning away from Inter in the league


Juventus missed the opportunity to fly far ahead of the Italian league standings, after receiving a painful loss 2-1 against Napoli on Sunday at the top of the matches of the twenty-first stage of the competition.

Juventus, who received its second loss in the championship this season, squandered the opportunity to widen the difference with its nearest interlocutors after it had frozen its score at 51 points, to remain three points ahead of the team named (second-placed) Snakes.

On the other hand, Naples put an end to its disappointing results in the competition, after it ended the series of defeats that continued in its last three games, raising its score to 27 points in the twelfth place.

The two teams were unable to score in the first half, which ended in a 0-0 draw, unlike the exciting second half until the last moments.

Polish player Piotr Zelinski scored for Napoli in the 63rd minute, before teammate Lorenzo Encini added the second goal in the 86th minute, but Cristiano Ronaldo set the stage again, scoring the goal of narrowing Juventus in the 90th minute.

The time taken instead of wasted for the second half was very exciting, after Juventus tried to tie, but to no avail, to give this precious victory to Napoli the kiss of life for his coach Gennaro Gattuso, whose voices called for his dismissal in light of the poor results of the team under his leadership in the recent period.

It is reported that this is the second victory for Naples during its last 13 matches in the championship.


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