NASA astronauts perform the last women’s spacewalk … live broadcast


NASA astronauts today, Christina Koch and Jessica Meir, embarked on the last women’s space flight outside the International Station, where they leave the International Space Station in the last spacewalk in order to finish the work you started last week, as they will continue to replace the old nickel and hydrogen batteries in the solar arrays of the station With new Li-ion batteries.

According to the British Mirror website, the two astronauts will put a new battery to install in the station’s solar energy network, as well as remove two of the old batteries, while astronaut Andrew Morgan said on the radio from the inside when he started walking in space: “For our sisters, astronauts, we wish you good luck In this”.

This represented the third walk for women in space, where they made the first women’s flight in the world last fall, while last Wednesday they conducted the second women’s walk, as NASA gradually replaced the 48-year-old nickel and hydrogen batteries at the space station with lithium batteries New and more powerful ion.

After this is completed, NASA astronaut Andrew Morgan and astronaut Luca Parmitano of the European Space Agency will conduct another space walk on January 25, and Morgan and Parimitano will continue to work to upgrade an ancient dark matter experiment outside the space station called the alpha magnetic spectrum, alongside completing Installing a new refrigeration device, they started in a series of three spacewalks in November and December.

These large batteries keep all space station systems in operation when the space station is on the night side of Earth, and draws energy from the sprawling solar wings.


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