National criticism of women and defrauding them … the last crises in life


06:55 PM

Thursday, January 16, 2020

I wrote – Yasmine Al-Sharqawi:

Magda, who left our world at noon today, has had some crises in recent years.

“Masrawy” reviews some of the crises faced by Magda Al-Sabahi:

Her crisis with the Aswan Festival and the National Council for Women

In 2018, Magda Al-Sabahi criticized the management of the Aswan Film Festival and the National Council for Women, after he honored the Algerian militant Jamila Bouhreid, without inviting her to participate in the honoring ceremony, as she said in a telephone interview in the program “Ten in the evening”: “I love with all my heart the Algerian freedom fighter Bouherd and respect her , But I was the reason to introduce the whole world to her and her story, as I produced a film for her on my personal account, even though I borrowed from the banks to cover the expenses of the movie, so how when honored she is not invited to the party ?!

The monument

In 2015, Magda Al-Sabahi filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor against a person who accused him of defrauding her in the amount of 20 million pounds, and she said in her communication that she had associated with the so-called “AS” a lease contract in return for a monthly fee for a restaurant in the commercial district you own in the city of 6th of October, and after Stumbling upon the payment, she submitted one of the checks due in a communication to the Public Prosecution against this person, who submitted a communication against it accompanied by a statement attributing her signature that she obtained the financial value of the entire checks in cash, which she denied knowing about this approval, and confirmed that he forged her signature.


In 2016, the actress Ghada Nafi submitted a request to raise a case of stone to her mother, Magda Al-Sabahi, to demand that she be granted the right to management and dispose of her money, because she suffers from Alzheimer’s and the loss of the ability to focus and distinguish, what offered her daughter to many criticisms, so she made sure to respond and confirm that what I did it to protect her mother from the many monuments she was subjected to, and the Stone case came in agreement with her.


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