Netflix competed again for the Best Picture Oscar


Hollywood Netflix logo – Image from Reuters archive.

(Reuters) – Netflix, an internet broadcasting company, will have another chance to snatch the biggest prize in the film industry from traditional Hollywood film companies at the Academy Awards organized by the United States Animation Arts and Sciences Academy next month.

On Monday, two films produced by Netflix, “The Irish” (The Irishman), which revolves around the gangster, and “Marriage Story” (Marage Story) that deals with divorce issues, were nominated to win the Best Film Award to be presented in February 9. Netflix received a total of 24 nominations, more than any other film company.

And winning the Oscar will boost Netflix’s standing in the movie industry and give it new rights to brag about in an increasingly intense competition to attract viewers for its online broadcast services. The company started broadcasting original films in 2015 and was trying to create a library of high-value films along with dozens of comedy, exciting and action films.

But the leading company in the field of broadcasting digital videos has angered cinemas owners by insisting that their films be broadcast at the same time or a few weeks after being shown in the cinema. The Great Theater Owners Association objected to the timing and refused to show Netflix films.

Last year Netflix’s “Roma” competed for the best film award but it did not win, but the company had a chance to grab the Academy Award again.

On Monday, the black comedy “The Joker” topped the Oscar nominations, as it received 11 nominations, including the best movie award.

The Oscars are given during a party in Hollywood on February 9.

Prepared by Hassan Ammar for the Arabic Bulletin – Edit Muhammad Muhammedin


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