New details about the journey of a Japanese billionaire’s search for Habiba to accompany him to the moon


More than 20,000 girls have applied to respond to the request announced by Japanese billionaire Yosako Maizawa that he needs a partner to accompany him on his first private flight aboard the SpaceX rocket around the moon, after Maizawa revealed last year that he was the first person to purchase tickets on the company’s Starship missile Space station, to travel to the moon in 2023.

Maizawa will document his experience of searching for a long-term romantic partner who will accompany him to the moon with a reality TV program, called “Full Moon Lovers, And the experiment will be conducted with the help of the Japanese broadcast service Abema TV.

According to Reuters, I submitted more than 20,000 to participate in the experiment, since Maizawa tweeted the link to the application page last Sunday, and this number can still be increased, especially since the deadline for application is tomorrow, Friday.

The application includes filling out an application form from Google that includes some personal details and features, in addition to the applicant saying her opinion about Mazawa.

Reuters notes that a new section has been added to the Application page, which is a “love test” so candidates can see if they will match Mizawa.

The test includes multiple-choice questions such as “If you board a private plane where to go”, “What is your favorite dish?”

It is worth noting that last year, Mazawa sold a 30% stake in his e-commerce company, which is called “Zozo” to the Japanese Soft Bank Company for $ 2.7 billion and resigned from his position as CEO, because he will need training in preparation for the SpaceX trip, and Bloomberg estimates that His current net worth is about $ 3.6 billion.

This ad is not the weirdest for “Mazawa”. Earlier this year, he pledged $ 9 million to nearly 1,000 of his Twitter followers, as part of a social experiment to see if money makes people happier.


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