New developments .. Turkey announces the start of exploration for gas and oil in the eastern Mediterranean


The Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Donmaz announced that the Turkish exploration ship “Yawuz” will start from Friday on a new mission to explore for gas and oil in the eastern Mediterranean, within the framework of Controversial agreement With the Libyan Prime Minister, Al-Wefaq Al-Sarraj.In a press statement, Donmez explained that Research and exploration Continuing in the eastern Mediterranean, and that the Turkish ship “Yawuz” will start on Friday a new mission to explore the “Lefkosa-1” line.

He indicated that they are considering adding a new exploration vessel, and the possibility of carrying out these activities with a third country if necessary.

Donmaz has previously said that licensing procedures (for exploration) relate to areas of maritime jurisdiction defined according to The last agreement with Libya, Will start in the coming months.

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It is noteworthy that Cyprus, Greece, the European Union, the United States, Egypt and Israel are opposed to energy exploration activities conducted by Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean.

While the Turkish Foreign Ministry confirmed, in several statements, that Turkish ships are exploring the continental shelf of the country, and will continue its activities.

Ankara says that the agreement with the Turkish reconciliation government aims to protect its rights under international law, and that it is open to signing similar agreements with other countries on the basis of a “fair sharing” of resources.

Greece and Cyprus, which have had sea and other disputes between Turkey and Turkey over land for a long time, believe that the agreement is null and violates the international law of the sea, and represents a misappropriation of resources and designed to undermine the development of gas exploration operations in the eastern Mediterranean.

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