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Yesterday, Abi Ahmed, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, returned to playing his game with us in buying time, when he proposed that Cyril Ramafuza, the President of South Africa, mediate between us and them about the Renaissance Dam! .. As for why Ramafuza in particular, because his country will head the Union African successor to Cairo, starting next February 10!

The meaning is that the President of South Africa will not mediate personally, nor in his capacity as President of this large African country which he heads in the far south of the continent, but as President of the African Union!

The important thing here is not that Ramavoza picked up the proposal and welcomed it, and then expressed its willingness to seek mediation to reach a solution .. But the important thing is why Ethiopia chose this particular timing to present the principle of mediation on its part for the first time, and why is the African Union now ?!

At the moment when she was proposing the mediation of South Africa, the foreign and irrigation ministers in Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia were heading to the American capital, to hold a meeting on the dam at the headquarters of the US Treasury, in the presence of its responsible minister and the director of the World Bank!

It was a meeting that was held in the same place, and at the same level, the first of last November, and the meeting agreed at that time to organize a number of meetings between the foreign and irrigation ministers in the three countries, up to an evaluation meeting in Washington .. which started yesterday and continues today! .. Ethiopia had a great degree of intransigence in all the meetings, the last of which was last Friday .. This is what Cairo announced in a strong statement issued, on Saturday, by the Council of Ministers!

Did Abi Ahmed want to pre-empt the Washington meeting, to appear as the one who welcomes and proposes mediation?! .. This is clear and apparent .. But the question is: Where was this sudden flexibility, which man shows, throughout the meetings that took place in Cairo, Khartoum and Addis Ababa ?!

This is an unanswered question .. And the second question: Why did not the Ethiopian Prime Minister take refuge in the African Union for a full year during which Egypt presided over the Union and took refuge in him only in the moments when we are preparing to hand over the presidency of the Union to South Africa ?!

This is another question without an answer either .. There is no explanation in both cases except that Ethiopia finds its comfort .. and its interest .. in the game of buying time! .. If Egypt accepts South African mediation then my assessment that accepting it needs two things to ensure its success: the first is mediation by a union An African, not from a Ramafuza person .. The second is that it is related to a period of time that ends, and that the Union announces its hour on the party responsible for not reaching a solution, if this happens .. Otherwise, Ethiopia will continue to play the same game!

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