New video shows “Ukrainian” hit by two missiles


Source: Arabia Net, Reuters

New York Times reported on Tuesday that new video footage recorded by a security camera showed two Iranian missiles were hit Ukrainian commercial plane They are 30 seconds apart, after taking off from Tehran on January 8.

The newspaper said that the two missiles were launched from an Iranian military facility about 12 km from the plane. She added that none of the missiles immediately fell, and that the video showed that the plane had caught fire and returned to Tehran airport.

A video previously circulated on the media and transmitted by foreign newspapers documented the moment when the Ukrainian plane was hit by a missile over Tehran. The video, which appears to have been picked up by his mobile phone camera, showed a burning ball falling from the sky very quickly, then crashing into the ground causing a massive explosion.

On Saturday, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards claimed responsibility for the accident of the downing of the Ukrainian plane, which killed 176 people, but claimed that the missile that was launched towards it exploded near the plane, saying that “the plane has diverted its path of return”, which Ukraine later denied with maps.

And attributing the cause to the “tension” that prevailed, the commander of the Guardian Ground Force, Amir Ali Haji Zadeh, said that the guards thought that the Ukrainian plane that was shot down in Iran by a cruise missile, revealing that it was shot down by a short-range missile.

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