New wave of instability … Weather forecasts announce next 72 hour weather details


Dr. Mahmoud Shaheen, Director of the Center for Analysis and Forecasting at the Meteorological Authority, said that the country will witness a new wave of instability in weather conditions from tomorrow to Saturday, January 18, 2020, due to the exposure of all parts to an activity in the wind movement which causes an increase in the feeling of coolness Weather disturbs maritime traffic in the Mediterranean and Red Bahrain

Low temperatures and heavy rain during the next 72 hours

“Shaheen” added in his statements that tomorrow, Thursday, temperatures are expected to decrease by three to four degrees, and that this drop is accompanied by an increase in the chances of heavy rain falling on the northern coasts of the country, and extends to Cairo and some areas of Lower Egypt as light to medium rains during the 72 Next hour.

Weather forecast for the next 72 hours

Weather tomorrow, Thursday, January 16

Experts expect the General Authority of Meteorology to prevail in the north of the country until the north of Upper Egypt tomorrow, Thursday, a cold weather during the day, which tends to warm on the south of Upper Egypt during the daylight hours, very cold at night throughout, and the chances of rain on the northern coasts extend and extend to reach Cairo.

Weather Friday, January 17

On Friday weather, meteorologists expect that rain will continue on the northern coasts, Lower Egypt and Cairo, and it will be accompanied by activity in the movement of winds in most parts of the country with cold weather during the very cold day at night throughout.

Weather Saturday, January 18

Weather instability will continue until Saturday, January 18th, as rains continue to fall on the northern coasts extending to Cairo and Lower Egypt, with wind activity on the northeastern coast causing disturbance of maritime traffic in the Red and Medium Bahrain.

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