News 24 | The heroine of “Sheehana” tells the scenes of the raid of the photographers, thinking that they are “ISIS” (video)


Actress Mason Al-RuwailyMaysoon al-Ruwaili, the heroine of the Saudi film “Sheehana”, revealed behind the scenes that the film crew was exposed to a raid of firearms during the filming of the film’s events in Jordan.

Maysoon al-Ruwaili explained during a meeting with the program “Masaya Lujain” on “SBC” channel, that the people believed that the team belonged to ISIS because of the presence of the terrorist organization’s slogans on their cars and clothes.

It showed that the locals attacked them with firearms and were already killed, before the operators succeeded in convincing the families that they were photographing artwork and not following ISIS.

It is noteworthy that the movie “Sheehana” is produced by “SBC” channel, and it highlights the terrorist operations carried out by ISIS in Syria.


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