News that Al-Ahly and Enppi were postponed and not scheduled for January 22nd


The intention is within the Football Association to postpone a match Al-Ahly And that scheduled for January 22 in the 15th round of the Premier League due to lack of time, Al-Ahly will play with the Arab contractors tomorrow, Sunday, in the league, then he will play with Enby on Wednesday before meeting with the coastal star next Sunday at Al-Salam Stadium in the fifth round of the group stage in the Champions League Africa.

Discussions are still taking place in the Football Association regarding the fate of the Al-Ahly and Anabi match, although evidence indicates that the match will be postponed due to lack of time for Al-Ahly, which will be difficult for him to play two strong matches, one local and the second African in just 4 days.

The Football Association announced the submission of the Al-Ahly match with Enppi, to be held on January 22nd, rather than postponing it or setting it up after Al-Ahmar’s confrontation with the Tunisian coastal star in the African Champions League..

Al-Ahly was scheduled to play against the coastal star on January 24th, then Enppi on the 27th of the same month in Cairo, but the security decision to postpone the Al-Ahly match until January 26th accompanied his postponement of the Enppi match before the competitions committee presented the Al-Ahly and Enppi match to take place before the Red match Against the coastal star four days, due to the widening time difference between the matches, according to the union in his statement, then strong news came out from the Football Association stating that the match was postponed until after the match between Al-Ahmar and the coastal star, which will be decided by the competitions committee in Al-Jabaliya within hours.

Football Association officials are currently consulting with Al-Ahly and Anby before making a final decision on the fate of this match, as a prelude to taking a decision that serves all parties and does not violate the regularity of the competition.


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