“Nisab” arrested, collecting one million and 650 thousand pounds from its victims in Isch


09:20 PM

Saturday 25 January 2020

Alexandria – Mohamed Amer:

The security services in Alexandria arrested the owner of an office for petroleum services and car rental in the Montazah region, for seizing one million and 650 thousand pounds from citizens for allegedly employing them in the field of trade and rent cars for monthly profits.

The Public Funds Crime Section received a communication from “Abdel-Rahman F.A.” 50 years old, resident of Dakahlia Governorate, and 3 other people, against “Y.K.M.L.” 43, owner of an office for petroleum services and car rental in the Department of Awal Police Department , For fraud and fraud.

They accused the aforementioned of receiving sums of money from them for allegedly employing and investing in the field of car rental and trade in exchange for receiving a monthly profit rate of 5%, but he gave them interest for a period and then stopped and refrained from returning the assets of the sums of money that you get from them.

Investigations concluded that the incident was correct, and that the investigator received the money from the informants and others, and seized money from them amounting to one million and 650 pounds, taking from his office a theater for practicing his criminal activity.

It was revealed from the investigations that the aforementioned announced his activity via the “internet”, which had no effect in increasing confidence in the hearts of his clients, and seized these sums and evaded their refund.

After the procedures were codified, the accused was arrested, he confessed to the incident, the necessary minutes were released, and the Public Prosecution office is under investigation.

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