“Nonsense and come to naught tonight” .. Disputes with “Media Representatives” because of “Karneh Media” (details)


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On Monday, the meeting of the Culture, Information and Antiquities Committee in the House of Representatives witnessed altercations between MP Nader Mustafa, the committee’s secretary, and its members Jalila Othman, Usama Sharshar and Jalal Awara, during a discussion of briefing requests on «the failure of the media association board appointed temporarily to invite the general assembly to convene and conduct elections According to the law of its establishment. ”

The argument began when “Mustafa” accused the three deputies of “personalizing” the meeting in favor of “Awara” so that he could obtain the “Karneh” membership of the Media Union, and the three deputies saw that “Mustafa” is seeking to “cancel the meeting” for the benefit of the members of the union’s founding committee present at the meeting.

Commenting on Tariq Saada, the president of the union’s founding committee, Mustafa said in his response to the requests for briefing: “I see that we are not in a committee meeting .. You are the three deputies who follow and talk,” Jalila Othman commented: “You are beating with your hands on the table, why?” ..And we want them to glorify peace », and Mustafa replied, excited and standing: I am recording in the meeting that he is personal because Jalal Awara did not get the membership, Awara replied with excitement:“ Go ahead, I have no relationship, and my name was mentioned in the meeting by mistake .. I see you while you are with them in the bathroom and read from the paper they gave you ”, which the Secretary of the Committee rejected, while Jalila Othman commented: What do you want tonight? You have an apparent interest .. You agree with them, you want tonight, ”she said.

Tariq Saada, Chairman of the Temporary Constituent Committee, explained that the lack of convening of the General Assembly is due to the lack of financial support from the state or the headquarters of the union, pointing to their restriction to the text of Article 9 of the conditions of membership in the union, which does not give them the right to grant Karneh to a media even if he is 90 years old except after his registration In a table under the exercise that does not have the right to enroll in the right to stand for election or election, followed by Jalila Osman laughing: “It remains for the year 2030 to be held.”

MP Usama Sharshar accused the union of wasting public money by contracting with hospitals and medical centers, although they were not entitled to that, and added that «some media people, including deputies, did not receive Karniya for security reasons», and Saada replied by saying: “They did, but without Taking any money from union members or wasting support money from the state that reached 5 million pounds increased and did not decrease in banks. ”Stressing that he denied an accusation against him that he appointed his brother and relatives or worked“ negatively ”, but he ascended to his current position as an agent of Hamdi Kneissi, the former president .

“Saada” added: “Representative Jalal Awara contacted me by phone, and threatened me because he did not give him the kareniya.” Awara commented: “I presented my papers to the founding committee, and in a phone call with Sa`dah he said to me your paper is complete, but we will go with some to the National Security Officer, and be I am not currently practicing my profession because this Constitution of Egypt, which in its Article 103 obliges me to devote myself to performing the tasks of my membership, I am a journalist over 25 years of age, and I have a mandatory degree under the constitution, and I still retain my position as general manager in the news sector at the National Media Authority .. I also do not inform me of Their point of view.

Awara added, “I am not honored. I get the union’s Karneh, stamped with the seal of these people, and I do not want to personalize matters, but the circumstances imposed on me the response to this nonsense.”

Awara asked about the extent to which they sent any letters of rejection to the membership of one of those who applied for membership according to the law within 30 days, and continued: “Did you, as members of the constituent committee, get a registration in a schedule under training for two years in order to take Karniya?”, Asking to provide documents on the dates they obtained Karniyat Membership.

He referred to «the founding committee’s call to the broadcaster Amani Al Khayat, unrestricted, to investigate its violation of the media honor charter, and more recently to Tamer Amin who was not a member and after attending the committee he was extracted to him in the union’s Carne, and did not abide by the two-year requirement», stressing that the founding committee violated many articles of the law The union, calling for the formation of a parliamentary fact-finding committee or setting a time limit for conducting the first general assembly meeting and holding elections, saying: “It is not acceptable that this series should continue.”

Representative Nader Mustafa commented: “The founding committee and its chairman are honest and work with integrity, and its president made the utmost effort after assuming his mission from day to night.” He pointed out that “I cannot blame a person performing his work through a sincere committee that takes into account God and did not ask for anything .. This The man seeks to establish a national union … and the necessity of having the obligatory support of the union because it takes into account the face of God ».

After “Saada”, saying: “He assumed his duties as of June 2, 2019, and he faced problems including the lack of papers for the work of the founding committee or sound records of its meetings,” noting that “the Knessi was present in the committee only to amend the law to allow him to run for the position of captain and when He could not leave the committee, ”he said, noting that“ the committee had a headquarters next to the Kneissi’s house in Sheikh Zayed, and it has become since he assumed one headquarters in Garden City. ”

He explained that «according to the law in addition to activating the media honor code by taking decisions to prevent broadcasters from attending or informing all official entities of submitting worksheets for their workers to extract carnivas, as well as fighting parallel illegal media entities».

The committee ended with sending the founding committee to the Fatwa and Legislative Department of the State Council regarding the inclusion of enrolled persons under the exercise from the media to the schedule of workers, after which the general assembly meeting to hold the elections will be held within 3 months of the fatwa being received.

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