“Not Killed in the Villa” .. A famous artist makes a stir about the “Nancy Ajram” accident


The case of the Lebanese actress Nancy Ajram continues to lead to its secrets and provokes controversy, as the comment of the Syrian artist Sarah Nakhleh on the prosecution’s decision to charge the manslaughter of Ajram’s husband caused an uproar on the communication sites. She wrote through her account on Facebook: “Oh God, but you will be happy now, from the first day I said that the boy who was killed was not killed in the villa at all … the boy was killed by land in the villa for reasons that died with him and I wish we knew it and the representative video of this is the production and production of the murderer and acting The son of the journalist who was close to the family named Eli, because of the great similarity between him and the betrayed.

She added: “Oh, I am motivated by the oppressed son of Syria, and I said that from the first day and the world, I did what I said to you. It is not what I originally had in the video … The husband of Nanusah is a murderer, and she knows how to do it. I used to write her to Instagram on Instagram and delete it.”


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