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Publication date: Friday, January 17, 2020 – 1: 1

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        Under the title "The last picture of the late Magda on the bed of sickness", several artistic sites shared a picture of the late Magda on the bed of the disease, accompanied by her daughter Ghada Nafi, while honoring her by Father Boutros Daniel<p>The truth is that the picture is not new, but returns to December 2016, when Father Boutros Daniel honored the head of the Catholic Center, Magda Al-Sabahi, on a private visit to her home in Cairo.

This is also not the last appearance of the artist Magda, as the Chamber of Film Industry honored her in her home in April 2018, as she appeared on her birthday celebration in May 2018.

FilFan has learned that the mourning of the late will be held next Sunday at the Mostafa Mahmoud Mosque with the engineers, and the funeral will be held tomorrow after Friday prayers from the Mostafa Mahmoud Mosque with the engineers, and the artist will be buried in the family graves.

Magda Al-Sabahi was born on May 8, 1931 in the city of Tanta. She obtained a French baccalaureate certificate, her real start in 1949 in the movie “The Adviser” directed by Saif Al-Din Shawkat with Ismail Yassin, and then she started in a number of works.

She entered the field of production and formed a Magda Film Company to produce films from her films, which were produced by “Jamila”, “The Messenger’s Migration” and represented Egypt in most of the international festivals.

She married the artist Ihab Nafi and gave birth to their daughter Ghada Nafi.

Rumors about her religion and the cause of a stone … Crises in the life of the late Magda

You see yourself an expert in “Shams Al-Zanati” .. Please go with us, Oasis

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