Now Facebook warns you when logging in from an insecure application


Facebook revealed a new feature that sends you a notification when using your account to log in to a third-party application, and this feature will not serve as an additional layer of protection that can give you the opportunity to secure your account in the event that someone incorrectly accesses it, but rather will give you More control over your information.

According to the site Engadget The American, the notice, which you will receive via email and the Facebook application, shows you the type of details that the social network shared with the third-party application or website.

You can also click the “Modify Settings” button in the e-mail to remove the application permission to access your details, and you will get a notification the first time you use your login information with an application, and when re-using it after this application’s access to your information expires Also.

You can also see which apps can currently access your login and revoke access to it if you like, by looking at the Social Network Privacy Checkup.

It is worth mentioning that Facebook has updated the “Privacy Checkup” tool with four new features in early 2020, to help users improve their account security and control how their information is used, as it launched the “Privacy Checkup” tool since 2014, but the new version will be launched worldwide this week.

The first feature, “Who can see what you share” will help review who can see their profile information, such as phone number and email address, as well as their posts, and Facebook said in a blog post late Monday: The second feature will help you “keep your account secure “To enhance the security of your account by setting a stronger password and running login alerts”, and “How People Can Find You” on Facebook will also allow you to review the ways people search for you on the social network, and who can send friend requests to you.


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