Now, follow the series, The Daughter of the Ambassador, Episode 4, translated on Love Story .. exciting events and details


Many fans and fans of the Turkish series are waiting for the new daughter of Al-Safir 4, the details, and today we will present a topic for you now. All fans and lovers of the series, the daughter of the Ambassador, the fourth episode.

Turkish series, the daughter of the Ambassador, the fourth episode, through the story of love

The Turkish series, The Ambassador’s Daughter, was launched a few weeks ago, and it is the series that won high levels of views due to the interesting events that the series presents to the public. The daughter of the Ambassador series is one of the strong series that contradict important and thorny issues due to the political events covered in the series, as the heroine of the series Neslihan Atagul embodies the character of the daughter of the ambassador who loves the poor young man who fights for the girl he loves and for fate happens that this girl has a great position with her father who holds a high diplomatic position, which is difficult from the matter of meeting the two lovers, and because of this the two lovers fight for a For what they want, where they do not distract them positions and money.

The series of the daughter of the Ambassador presented the fourth episode on the love story website

The daughter of the Ambassador series, Episode 4, is the fourth of the strongest Turkish series that received high viewership levels. It is worth noting that the Turkish series is shown on the satellite channel Star TV via the Nilesat satellite, and in the fourth episode, new events took place about Sangar’s meeting with her lover who rejected her After she returned to him again, but he refused it after knowing the secret that she was hiding from him and everyone, and below we will list the dates of the show and the location of the show.

  • The Turkish series, the daughter of the Ambassador, is shown on the Love Story website.
  • The series is shown at 8:00 pm Cairo.
  • The series is shown on Mondays every week.


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