Officially … Shrewsbury is Liverpool’s opponent in the 16th round of the FA Cup


Liverpool face its team Shrewsbury in the 16th round of the FA Cup, after the latter’s victory on Tuesday night over Bristol City 1-0 in the replay of the 32nd round.

The first match between the two teams ended in a 1-1 draw, and both teams resorted to a rematch for the 16th round finalist, according to the championship list..

With this, Liverpool will meet Shrewsbury in the 16th round of the tournament, at Shrewsbury’s New Mido Stadium, on Sunday, January 26..

It will be the first match between the two teams since 1994, where they met in the same stage of that tournament and Liverpool won a clean four.

The Tottenham team qualified for the price of the FA Cup Final (round of 16), after winning 2-1 at home to Middlesbrough.

Giovanni Lucilso advanced in the second minute early for Tottenham after a shot in which he made use of a mistake from the guests’ defense in the pass, and his Argentine fellow Eric Lamilla added in the “15th minute” the second goal for Tottenham, after a wonderful individual skill.

In the second half, George Saville reduced the “83” minute to the score for Middlesbrough, scoring the first and only goal for his team in the match..

With this victory, Tottenham climbs to the next stage of the tournament, to face Southampton at the latter’s stadium, according to the lottery held earlier this month..

Newcastle United 4-1 Rochdale

Coffitry City 3-0 Bristol Rovers

Blackpool 0-2 Reading

Shrewsbury Town 1-0 Bristol City


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