Officially … the Minister of Health escapes from the withdrawal of confidence in Parliament


07:03 PM

Tuesday 14 January 2020

Books – Ahmed Ali and Mira Ibrahim:

Dr. Ali Abdel-Aal, Speaker of the House of Representatives, announced the closure of the discussion regarding the request submitted by more than one tenth of the members of the Council, to withdraw confidence from the Minister of Health and Population Dr. Hala Zayed, because there were no number of applicants in the plenary session today, Tuesday.

Abdel-Al said in his speech at the session, that the internal regulations of the council require that all applicants withdraw the confidence vote to vote on it, which is a waiver of them from the request, and a violation of the quorum required to vote.

Abdel-Al noted that Article 227 of the internal regulations of the council states: The applicants are at the session, and the absence of one of them at the session is considered a waiver of the request, and the two authors of the proposal are authorized to speak, and then the discussion takes place in the application if the council sees a place for that. “

Article 224 of the internal regulations of the House of Representatives stipulates that it considers the failure of the interrogator to attend the specified session to discuss his interrogation as a withdrawal of interrogation.


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