Officially … Tomorrow Microsoft ends Windows 7 update and support


Years after Microsoft introduced Windows 7, the company will start tomorrow, Tuesday, ending its support permanently and officially to this system, after which all devices running Windows 7 will stop receiving security updates.

According to the technology website “Cnet” published, it is expected that computers will continue to operate with Windows 7 operating system, but starting tomorrow, January 14th, it will not be able to obtain software updates or security and technical support fixes, as they will appear on the screens The devices used for this system are a big message to explain to the owners of the devices the end of the support completely, and ask them to move to a newer operating system from Microsoft Corporation “Windows 10”.

Officially ... Tomorrow Microsoft Ends Windows 7 Update and Support 1

Start notifications for Windows 7 users

Microsoft had sent alerts last April on the screens of devices used for the Windows 7 operating system, but those alerts were ignored by many users, due to the small size of these messages, but the alerts that the company will start sending on the devices screens starting with the screen space Of the user, so that he cannot ignore it and be forced to deal with it, by clicking Learn More, Remind me later, or Don’t Remind me again.

Microsoft calls on Windows 7 users to upgrade to Windows 10

The company called, through the new alert, the owners of devices to upgrade the operating system from the Windows 7 version to Windows 10, in order to avoid problems or complications that may be caused by the termination of support, as Microsoft reiterated the warnings of the danger of continuing to use the Windows 7 operating system after the end of support In an announcement on her official blog.

Officially ... Tomorrow Microsoft finishes updating and supporting Windows 7 2

Microsoft introduced the Windows 7 operating system about ten years ago, which caused a huge boom in operating systems at the time, and it still has a share of more than 25 percent of the devices operating in different Windows operating systems, which places it in second place after the Windows operating system The last 10.


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