Officially … Tunisian Sfaxien addresses Al-Ahly to borrow Hussein El-Sayed


Al-Ahly received an official fax from Tunisian Sfaxien requesting a loan Hussein mr Fullback left red team until the end of the season. Sources revealed for the seventh day that the fax arrived at the club during the past hours, but it did not include any material value at the time that the two parties entered into negotiations through phone calls to determine the financial compensation, whether the club or player will receive it..

Hussein Al-Sayed had come out of the accounts of Swiss Rene Filer, the technical director of the team, since he did not participate with Al-Ahly since the Swiss Khawaja took over the technical role last September in light of the Swiss coach’s dependence on Tunisian mainly on Maaloul, and his substitute Mahmoud Waheed and their followers Ayman Ashraf, at the time The player who wants to participate in the shadow of his complete absence from the matches, which made him lose technically and financially.

Al-Ahly officials are racing to loan Hussein al-Sayyid before the winter registration door is closed tomorrow, and several clubs entered into negotiations with the player nicknamed Marcelo, but negotiations failed for material reasons and the most prominent of these clubs were Enppi and Ismaili..

Al-Ahly officials confirmed that there are two local clubs that entered into negotiations recently to annex Marcelo, but the delay in resolving the deal came after an external club expressed a desire to annex it, which is the matter that the player prefers until this time, provided that the value of the salary that he will receive from Sfax Tunisian is accepted..

Hussein Al-Sayed regularly participates in Al-Ahly training under the leadership of Feiler, but he is aware that his opportunity is not with the Swiss Khawaja, especially since the Al-Ahly administration was willing to loan the player since the beginning of the season, but did not find the appropriate offer because of the player’s adherence to departure and not seconding in the last summer transfers.


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