On Air … Amir Karara leaves studio “DMC Evening” suddenly


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Posted Date: Tuesday, January 14 2020 – 23:58 | Last update: Tuesday, January 14, 2020 – 23:58

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        The artist Amir Karara was the guest of "DMC Evening" in a special celebration for the beginning of the fourth year of the channel.<p><a href="https://www.filfan.com/news/details/110883" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">After 24 years ... see how the actor Moamen Hassan, the famous Boukhdir changed in "I will not live in my father's robes"<br/></a>

In the last minutes of his paragraph, and during his dialogue with Rami Radwan and Iman Al-Hosari, Karara surprised them with a strange request.

Karara asked to leave the air suddenly, to go behind the scenes, and with their question what he wanted to do he refused the answer and said he would return quickly.

After a few minutes, during which advertisers were declared winners, and then an advertising break, Karara returned to end his paragraph.

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Karara Radwan and Al-Hosari were surprised by bringing a large bouquet of flowers, to celebrate with them the birthday of DMC, wishing them success always.

The episode witnessed interesting situations, including one when announcing the winners of the episode’s prizes, and among the winners was a girl named Mai Mohammed, and in her phone conversation, she expressed her great love for Karara.

But Mai made a mistake that turned into a funny situation on the air, as she talked about her pride in Amir Karara and his choice of roles that he presents, to ask her Iman Al-Hosari about the work she loves him the most, and she answered the movie “The Corridor”.

Laughter Karara repeats, saying that he would have liked to have participated in this film, and not to be ashamed of it, he said: “Take it as you were.”

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It is noteworthy that Amir Karara participates in Ramadan 2020 in the series “The Choice”, which revolves around the story of Wafa Colonel Ahmed Al-Mansi, commander of the 103th Saada Brigade, who was martyred in the terrorist attack, south of Rafah in 2017, and the story of the betrayal of the terrorist Hisham Ashmawi who joined ISIS .

The series “The Choice” is the fourth collaboration of the author Baher Dewidar with the director Peter Mimi, after they jointly presented the three parts of the series “Kalbash”, which starred Amir Karara and achieved great success.

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