On her birthday .. 15 pictures reveal the elegance of Michelle Obamas looks


Friday 17 / Jan / 2020 – 11:14 AM

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

Today January 17 marks birthday Michelle ObamaThe wife of former US President Barack Obama, who has turned 56, is still grabbing her eye-catching, elegant looks after leaving the White House.
It depends Michelle Obama To choose fashions and pieces of clothes consistent with its strength, as well as to diversify and choose cheerful colors that give it a youthful look, prefer Always Michelle Obama Diversity between different costumes.
Also enjoy Michelle Obama Different taste and style made it the focus of everyone’s attention when appearing on various occasions, distinguished by the diversity between classic fashion and luxurious evening dresses, and rarely sparkles with casual looks.
And based Michelle Obama Coordination of bags and distinctive shoes that increase the luxury of their look, as depends on Trends in makeup that match her skin tone, as well as hairstyles that reveal the beauty of her features.

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