On her birthday, it was the secret that Inas Mekki did not attend her father’s funeral .. and her sudden appearance after a long absence


Today, actress Enas Mekki celebrates her birthday because she was born on January 14, 1973 and is 47 years old. She was born in the state of Algeria to an Egyptian mother, but she lived her life in Cairo, obtained the Egyptian passport and her brother, artist Ahmed Makki, and participated in only one work, which is “The Seventh Sense”.

Among her most important works “I will not live in my father’s robes,” “Dream and Pain”, “Alam O Ya Hooh”, “Madness of Humans” and “Reclam” and have been away from art for many years, but will return this year through the series “Saraya Hamdin”.

She said she had no objection to playing the roles of seduction “within the limits of her eastern upbringing and when her father died she could not attend a funeral or solace.

The actress Enas Makki appeared in a shocking appearance on one of the TV programs after a long absence and wore a red long-sleeved blouse and coordinated with her red trousers and shoes and carried a curly hair, wearing many jewelry, which ridiculed the pioneers of social networking sites.


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