On his birthday, Saad al-Saghir admits his betrayal of his wife and the last moments of his mother’s life


Today, the artist Saad Al-Saghir is celebrating his 50th birthday, who was able to present himself in the artistic scene With his songs Popular that attracted the audience.

Saad Al-Saghir revealed during his meeting
On the “Takhareef” program, with the media, Wafaa Al-Kilani, broadcasted on satellite channels
mbc “, That his wife was watching him sometimes and seeing him sitting with other women, but she is
She was bearing all this for her children. ”

And he admitted during the episode that
He betrayed his wife more than once throughout their marriage and described that stage as very bad. ”

Popular artist, talked about
His mother, who also left last year, said, “His only wish is to see his mother.”
In a dream, even once.

He also recovered the memories of the hours
The last in his mother’s life, confirming that his mother was hospitalized for surgery and after
She finished her. All of their relatives left the hospital while he refused to return home and soon died

He cried: «No one has ever seen
He will compensate me for my mother, whether it is my children or my brothers, and no one will compensate me for my mother
And my back. ”


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