On the anniversary of her death .. 3 tales in the handwriting of Faten Hamama


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The artist Faten Hamama left this day in 2015 after an artistic journey full of giving and excellence, during which she presented many immortal roles during various stages of her life.

Faten Hamama was distinguished by the calm nerves and sophistication in her dealings, in front of and behind the screen, she was not thin and quiet in cinematic roles only, but was also so in reality. With her, thanks to her calm temper, under the title “Thanks to my calm temper.”

On the road to Alexandria

One of the greatest blessings that God blesses a person is that he gives him the reins of nerves to be able to control and control them. I thank God for the curve of this blessing. I remember three situations that saved me from my nerves.

Five years ago, I traveled to Alexandria to spend a few days of summer on its beautiful beach, and I drove my car on the desert road, and the air temperature was unbearably high, and on the way a sandstorm blew that made walking impossible and vision lacking. I would rather park my car on a side of the road until the storm subsided.

The winds started blowing, and the heat wave rose until I realized that I would suffocate, and turned around, but I did not find a single car passing by, so I had awe. And before the soreness seeped into myself, I thought fear was useless. I closed the windows of the car tightly and threw my head against the footrest and relaxed, and my eyes became sound asleep, and after less than an hour I woke up to find the storm calmed down and temperatures fell. I continued to see my safety until I arrived in Alexandria, and the credit for this act was calm.

Recorded insult

One day, I went out for a walk on the Nile Palace Street to buy some of the stores I needed, and on the way I met a group of students, among those who were fleeing from school, to roam the streets to contradict God’s creatures, and suddenly I saw them block my way and surround me. I did not panic, nor did I try to step down on my way. If they give me their pamphlets asking me to write to each one of them a gift of my signature, so I wrote and signed.

And among them was a smiling boy, who wanted to prolong this embarrassing situation, and he presented me his notebook and asked that I allocate it to a word that differs from the words that I wrote to his colleagues. . But the brutal boy went on in his simplicity, and considered this phrase a recorded insult in his dignity, and the screams of the students were raised with their flimsy arguments until they caught the attention of the people “blow up smooth” and promised me to return to their schools.

Job’s patience

And a third accident I do not forget, I had some psychological troubles and I was severely insomnia, and one morning, I had to be in the studio at seven in the morning to photograph some external scenes, so I went out with my head almost exploding from the headache that arises from insomnia. When I arrived, I found the assistant director waiting for me, to tell me that the work was postponed to the next day, and when I asked him about the reason, he said that the director spent last night an evening that lasted until two in the morning.

Here, my anger intensified, and I asked the director about the reason why I did not contact me on the phone to tell me this delay so that I would not tire myself out early, and the director’s response was more irritating. To get into my car as if nothing had happened. When my nerves calmed, I could sleep.

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