On the birthday of Dina Abdullah … the hero of the grandson reveals the fact that she fell from the 13th floor


Today, Thursday January 16th, is the birthday of the artist Dina Abdullah, who is famous for her participation in the movie “The Grandchild” and she entered the field of art when she was three years old through the movie “The Back Ladder”.Through this report, he learned about the fact that she fell from the 13th floor while filming the movie “The Back Ladder”.

The actress, Dina Abdullah, revealed the scenes of the movie “The Back Ladder” through her meeting on the “Her Excellency” program presented by the artist, Essaad Younes.

Dina Abdullah said: “While filming the movie The Back Ladder when I was three years old, the director of the film used a bride of” decor “in the same height and wore the same clothes to photograph the scene of the fall from the 13th floor, but in reality I actually fell, but from a distance of about a meter, and I I remember my mother was so scared of that scene. “


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