Only negotiate with Erdogan’s mercenaries, negotiate with Al-Wefaq


Source: Arabic.Net – Monia Ghanmi

A military leader at the General Command of the Libyan Army said that the joint military committee (5 + 5) that the international parties agreed at the Berlin conference on Libya to form to oversee security arrangements in the capital, Tripoli, will meet early next month in Geneva, Switzerland.

In a statement to, he said that the committee will include, on the part of the Libyan army, Major General Faraj Mahdawi, Chief of Staff of the Navy, Brigadier Al-Hadi Al-Falah, Commander of the Western Military Region, and Brigadier Abu Qasim Al-Abaj, the commander of the Southern Military Region, and Brigadier Idris Madi, and Brigadier Attia Hamad, Director of the Military Accounts Department, while the Al-Wefaq government will be represented by Major General Al-Fetouri Gharibel, Commander of the 2nd Infantry Brigade, Major General Ahmed Abu Shahmeh, Commander of the Central Military Region’s Operations Room, Colonel Mukhtar Naqasa, Major General Mahmoud bin Saeed al-Qiyadiyan in the field, and Major General Abd al-Rahman Muhammad al-Jatlawi, Director Ed Legal department of the Ministry of Interior.

In this context, Major General Faraj Mahdawi, Chief of Staff of the Navy, told that during the first meeting in Geneva, the Libyan army will lay down its conditions, stating that it will not negotiate with the opposite party until after the force that the Turkish President brought, Recep, is released. Tayyip Erdogan, to Libya and the thousands of Syrian mercenaries he brought in, then will be seated to discuss the implementation of the outputs of the Skhirat Agreement, which stipulates the necessity of disarming and disarming armed militias, stressing that the army will not bargain over the homeland and its sovereignty.

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