Operation Opa-Cavani .. the distance between Paris and London


Perhaps there will be no more prominent names from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Edinson Cavani in the coming days, as their two decades are nearing the end, and major clubs in the old continent are interested in obtaining the services of either of them.

For Obamyang his contract with Arsenal ends in the summer of 2021, meaning that the player enters the last year of his contract next season, and did not seem to want to renew the artillery in search of an opportunity to be with a team participating in the Champions League.

The most prominent clubs mentioned in the European media who want to contract with the Gabonese player is Barcelona, ​​but this interest has declined in recent weeks with the arrival of the new coach Kiki Sittin, and according to the Catalan newspaper “Sport”, the club management reserves two things, the first of which is the player’s age The second is his ability to adapt to the team’s playing style.

Barcelona wants to sign a player who plays the role of Luis Suarez who will be absent for a long time due to knee surgery, but despite the administration’s interest in fulfilling the player’s dream of wearing a team shirt at first, but he is currently thinking of getting Rodrigo Valencia player.

But on the other hand, the English newspaper “The Sun” says that Aubameyang who wants to leave for Barcelona is currently one of the names on the table of the French capital Paris Saint-Germain, which he considers an alternative to Edinson Cavani seeking to leave.

The report published in the English newspaper says that Paris Saint-Germain wants to borrow Aubameyang this month with the right to purchase next summer to replace Cavani, whose contract expires at the end of the current season.

Paris Saint-Germain coach Thomas Tochel talked about Cavani’s position on the team: “He trained with us during the past days, but the situation is not clear to him and for this reason we will not be with us in tomorrow’s match.”

But Cavani, who is on the Chelsea manager’s interest list, has obvious priorities, which his mother, who told the Spanish newspaper AS, said: “The situation is complicated, but he wants to play for Atletico Madrid if not now, it will be next summer, we are waiting This is a while ago, but it does not depend on my son, but on Paris Saint-Germain and Atletico Madrid.

The last club that has been linked to the possibility of contracting Cavani is Manchester United, but the newspaper “Telegraph” reported that the club is afraid to repeat what happened with Alexis Sanchez, who was unable to appear well with the team despite bearing a huge salary for him, while another report said that the communication The player has already been rejected.


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