Othman bin Artgrel 7 .. The fact that the seventh episode of Othman’s resurrection was postponed for the third time and when it was shown on the Turkish ATV channel frequency


The postponement of the seventh episode of Uthman’s resurrection for the third time, Lovers were surprised and lovers Founder Osman series To postpone the presentation of Episode 7, for the third time in a row, which was scheduled to be shown today, Wednesday, January 15, 2020, which caused a sensation on social networking sites, and everyone started asking about what is the main reason that makes the producing company work to postpone the series More than once, and from the site of today’s events we present to you the new date that is scheduled to be shown in the seventh episode, along with the channels that transmit the episode in Arabic and Turkish as well.

The fact that the presentation of the seventh episode of Uthman’s residency was postponed for the third time

Published Turkish ATV channel Posted on its official page on social networking sites, “Facebook”, confirming the postponement of the presentation of the seventh episode until January 22nd, 2020, and she has not yet mentioned what is the main reason behind the postponement process, and has also published the teaser for the episode, which appeared Othman bin Artgrel He is screaming and demanding the removal of a chain, as it appeared while he was chained and tortured, the scene that affected with him a large number of social media tweets, as the promotional announcement got 5 million views in just one hour, especially since everyone is waiting for the episode on fire, to find out what Osman will act to escape the trap that fell in him.

The Resurrection of Othman 7

The date for the presentation of episode 7 of the Resurrection of Othman after the third postponement

The company that produced the founder series Osman has confirmed the presentation of the seventh episode of the series next Wednesday, 22/1/2020, at exactly eight oclock in the evening Egypt and Palestine time, and the ninth evening in Saudi Arabia and Turkey in the Turkish language, as the episode is translated and then displayed on the day Next on the Algerian Al-Fajr channel, the Yarmouk channel and the Da`wah channel, and the site Al-Nour translates the episode, then put it for fans and fans of the series in the Arab countries.

The frequency of the TRT 1 channel, which is transmitted to the Uthman series

the moonHesitationCoding rate
Turksat 11042 V8400
Etoelsat 10928 V3000
Turksat 11054 V3000
Nile Sat11392 V27500

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